What are cookies?

Cookies are small textfiles that ask your browser to save information on your computer or mobile unit. This causes the webpage to remember your actions over time to enhance the user experience. By using Salmon Academy you accept use of cookies in your browser.

Most webpages today use cookies to improve the user experience. Below you will find a list of the cookies in use on Salmon Academy.

Types of cookies that we use


ARRAffinity: cookie to insure subsequent requests from a user are routed back to the web site instance that the user initially connected to.

nsr_session:  is a cookie that the server uses to store a unique identifier for your session. 


Cookies from Google Analytics:

_utmz: See where you came from (search engine, key words, link etc.) when landing on our pages. We use Google Analytics both internally on our webpage and in banners and pictures. That's why you can see cookies named __utmz.

__utma: Keeps track of how many times you have visited our webpages. This is because we want to keep track of how many first time and frequent users we have on our pages.

__utmb og __utmc: Keeps track of how long you stay on the webpage. This is deleted when you leave the webpage.

_ga: Used to distinguish users.

_gat: Used to throttle request rate.

We collect this information to analyze trends so that we can make our webpage better for our users. The information will only be kept internally and will not be used by any third party or anyone outside of the Norwegian Seafood Council. We never save information that can identify you personally.