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Selling tips

Salmon from Norway is naturally an eye-catching orangey-red, which is ideal for counter displays. We love our salmon as it comes, but we have also discovered some simple display techniques that will make it stand out even more.

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We support all our stockists with marketing activity every year. We look to boost our market and consumption through TV advertising, in-store activation, online activity via websites and social media and training courses for fish counter staff. Scroll down to discover some of the ways we help our stockists to sell our salmon.

Inspiring presentation

Simple, eye-catching, beautiful – it’s easy to make Norwegian salmon look good. You could lay a whole salmon on ice or cut it into portions ready for your customers.

We recommend that you display a full catalogue of products, as this has been known to increase sales up to 24%. There are also products that you can purchase to bring your counter to life, from plastic leaves and flowers to premium trays for displaying sushi.

Unique merchandising

Promotional aprons and Norwegian salmon flags, banners and decals for your fridges and freezers; unique and eye-catching merchandise will draw attention to your fish counter. One store even used a Viking boat to display their salmon portions! On a slightly simpler note, recipe leaflets are also a great way to get consumers’ attention and inspire them to buy salmon to try out the ideas.

Helpful promotions

Special offers are a proven way of engaging customers with your product. Consecutive weekend promotions can help to boost sales of salmon and create regular buyers. The sales during a promotion are much higher than before, and they won’t drop back to previous levels after the promotion has ended.

Promotion pattern