From clear waters to your counter

Whether they’re creating menus for restaurants or supermarket shelves, chefs around the world enjoy serving Norwegian salmon. Ensure that you’re offering them the best selection by reading our top tips.

Skin-on steak

Skin-on steak

Butter-fly fillet

Butterfly fillet

Skin-off fillet

Skin-off fillet

Salmon cubes


Salmon mince


1. For a neat finish, use long knife strokes with minimal cuts when you fillet the Fjord Trout.

2. Use our selling tips below. While the Fjord Trout lends itself to a vibrant display, our tips could help to attract more customers to your counter.

3. Offer a choice of cuts—the whole Fjord Trout, fillets, steaks, cubes or minced. You could also offer added value products, such as smoked Fjord Trout. Find out more about the fillets and cuts you can make here.

Salmon head

How much fillet do you end up with?

You can easily calculate the amount of fillet you'll get from a whole salmon (head-on and gutted). A kilo of whole salmon equals 0.75 kilos of salmon fillet.

  • 5 kg = 3.8 kg
  • 10 kg = 7.5 kg
  • 15 kg = 11.3 kg 

Speak the language

Whether you’re ordering the salmon or selling it on, these are some of the common phrases and abbreviations you might come across.

A fish seller offering a salmon fillet to a customer


Whole fish (un-gutted)

H/On & G

Head on and gutted


Head off and gutted

Japanese Fillet

Includes ribs and collar


Pin bones in


Skin on


Skin off

Skn/On B/L In

Skin on, bloodline in

Skn/On B/L Out

Skin on, excess waste trimmed, including 95% of the bloodline

Skn/On C/C

Skin on centre-cut


Scaled, gutted and the tails and fins removed

Choosing the right trim

Whether it saves prep-time or waste, knowing which trim to order could make a big difference to your bottom line.


This trim will require extra preparation and could result in yield loss.

  • Collar on
  • Fin on
  • Belly fat on
  • Anal fin and pelvic fin on


This trim has been prepped further and will provide a better indication of usable salmon.

  • Back fat removed
  • Collar removed
  • Fin and pin bone removed
  • Part belly fat removed