These downloads are snapshots of some of the content from the Salmon Academy. They are aimed at giving you easy access to core content and we hope will aid you in discussions with your customers, colleagues or students.


Photo of cold clear waters brochure

Cold clear waters

There are lots of reasons why we are one of the world's biggest and most sustainable producers of seafood, and why our salmon is enjoyed around the world

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Close up of nutrition facts sheet

Salmon, the superfood

Read our fact sheet for more information on nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.

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Close up of brochure about salmon lifecycle and farming

Salmon lifecycle & farming

Explore the life of our Salmon; what they eat and how we farm them.

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Close up of brochure about sustainability

The sustainability story

We're a nation built on seafood. It's the lifeblood of our home, so it's important that we build for the future.

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Close up of salmon passport brochure

Salmon passport

Every single one of our salmon can be traced back to our cold, clear waters. Here's how.

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