Norwegian Salmon

Quality & Taste

Ocean-farming salmon is more than a job for us; it's a way of life. We take pride in what we do, from harvesting responsibly to respecting the environment and ensuring a good quality of life for our salmon.

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Taking pride in our work

We pioneered the development of responsible ocean-farming in the 1970s. Today we are ranked number one in the world for our compliance with the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s code of conduct for responsible fishing. Norwegian salmon is fed an all-natural diet, comprising of both vegetable raw and marine raw materials. Our salmon’s diet is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, guaranteeing its delicious taste.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our salmon is bred with sustainability and your customer’s health in mind. And all of our hard work pays off – Norway produces a consistently delicious, delicately flavoured salmon that is enjoyed around the world.

Knowing exactly where your product comes from and how it was harvested is the best way to help your customer make good choices
Egil Ove Sundheim

Egil Ove Sundheim

USA Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council

Salmon from Norway is raised in cold, clear waters. It grows at its own pace, gaining a pure and fresh taste, fat marbling and an attractive red-orange colouring. It also has a firm consistency, making it a pleasure to eat.