The salmon passport

Every single one of our salmon can be traced back to our cold, clear waters. Here’s how.

Salmon treatment

This is where you can find out about how your salmon has been processed.

Quality grade

Salmon from Norway is graded into three quality classes: superior, ordinary or production. Superior products are suitable for all purposes and have a shiny skin with no significant loss of scales.

Number of pieces

This is the number of salmon pieces in your box.

Total weight

This is the total weight of salmon in the box.

Processor serial number

From smolt, to harvest, to transport - if you'd like to find out more about where your salmon was processed, this is the number you'll need.

Date of production

We want your customer to enjoy our salmon as we do, so it's important to check the date the salmon was harvested. You can view our freshness guide to find out how long your salmon will stay fresh.


This is where you'll find out whether any additional preserving technique has been used.

Storage temperature

The storage temperature throughout transportation should be 0-2°C.


This is the name of the company that exported your salmon. You can find out more about individual exporters in our directory.

Pioneering distribution from farm to fork

Knowing where your food comes from, where it was processed and who exported it is important to you and your customers. That’s why we include details of every stage on our fish passport.

We take the same innovative approach to distributing our salmon as we do to farming it. Our established network of processors and distributors enables us to transport salmon from Norway to more than 100 countries. It’s even possible to get fresh salmon to Japan in just 36 hours.

We use our relationships with distributors to ensure that you receive high quality salmon, every time. Our cold chain is never broken and as a result, our salmon tastes fresh and looks fresh, because it is fresh.


Salmon passport

Every single one of our salmon can be traced back to our cold, clear waters. Here's how.

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